Uncovered documents: Telo "Kickback" Taitague

By Johnnie Rosario

[email protected]

One of the two senators attempting to lead an anti-corruption task force is mentioned in a kickback scheme at the Guam Visitors Bureau in 2016, when she was the deputy manager of the agency.

In a November 23, 2016 executive session of the GVB board of directors, several board members discussed then-deputy manager Telo Taitague's incompetence, insubordination, protection by Eddie and Christine Calvo's Adelup... "and then there was a kickback."

The mention of the "kickback" was by board member Bruce Kloppenburg. The reference, according to a former highly-placed GVB officer, was to a high-end purse Ms. Taitague received from GVB contractor G4S Security that was meant for an employee raffle. Ms. Taitague allegedly kept the purse.

At least one other GVB employee at the time was implicated in the scandal. That employee apologized for her part and returned the purse she received.