Senator Moylan calls on Legislature to Implement Their Drug Free Workplace Policy

By Jacob Nakamura

[email protected]

Senator Jim Moylan is calling on the Executive Director of the Guam Legislature and his fellow colleagues to implement their adopted Drug Free Workplace Policy.

Moylan also said he will take a drug test along with his staff although he would not give a firm date on when they would be taking their drug tests. He also said the entire Legislature to include senators and staff will comply.

“I am glad to see it’s in the current standing rules and we are reviewing those now and we are going to monitor and they will advise us when the testing begins,” Moylan said. “Yes we are going to comply… and it should be sooner than later.”

The I Liheslaturan Guåhan DRUG FREE WORKPLACE POLICY was adopted by legislative resolution in 2013 and established the policy for the legislature. The policy was for the legislature as an entity and not directed to just the legislature that was in office for those two years. Because it was adopted in session unanimously and has never been repealed or replaced then the policy stands. In January of this year, Senators adopted their Standing Rules which also includes a Drug Free Workplace Policy and it calls for pre-employment testing drug testing, reasonable suspicion drug testing and voluntary testing.