Guam resident, former Notre Dame student recommended to be U.S. Ambassador to the Marshall Islands

Congressman Michael San Nicolas has recommended Michelle Kramer to serve as U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

In further exercise of his duties as the senior elected federal official for Guam, Congressman San Nicolas continues to make formal recommendations to the Biden-Harris transition team for presidentially appointed positions.

"We are proud to recommend for nomination Michelle Kramer for consideration to serve as United States Ambassador to the Republic of the Marshall Islands," opened Congressman San Nicolas. "Kramer's unique standing as a direct Marshallese descendant and United States citizen, coupled with her ties and extensive business experience in Guam and the CNMI, afford her powerful insight of the region and it's people that will bring new opportunities to the diplomatic mission of the United States," Congressman San Nicolas continued. "It is an honor to recommend this accomplished daughter of Micronesia to serve her people and country, and pioneer an elevated level of diplomacy and attention for our region" Congressman San Nicolas added.

Michelle Kramer attended Notre Dame high school, was an officer with the Bank of Guam for two years in the CNMI, and has been an active businesswoman on Guam since 2008 as Managing Director of Pacific International Inc. She has two beautiful children with her husband Jaynard P. White, and is a resident of Guam.

"We will continue to evaluate appointment opportunities and candidate viability and make recommendations to the incoming administration," Congressman San Nicolas concludes.