NEWS: Some residents receiving two stimulus checks; kink in system found

By Nancy I. Maanao

[email protected]

(Tumon, Guam) An honest citizen received an economic impact payment from Las Vegas, where he filed taxes in 2019, and today from Guam, where he filed taxes in 2018.

He wants to know how he may return his Guam-sent check, but no one is answering the phone at the 311 hotline the governor said residents can call regarding a wide range of Coronavirus issues.

He's not the only one, though. Several Guam residents have received more than one stimulus check, and have sent these images to Kandit asking what they should do. Of course, we tell them to contact the government of Guam.

The honest citizen asks another question, though: Where's my $200 tax refund for 2019?

While he wants to be honest about the double payment to him, he also is struggling and waiting for money that rightfully belongs to him.

"If I return this, do you think they'll give me my tax refund," he asked.

We reciprocated his honesty with the harsh truth that it may take time for the government of Guam to get to his refund: he filed on February 9, 2020.

The Leon Guerrero administration only now is beginning to pay out 2019 tax refunds, and at a trickle of a pace.

Cash to pay the refunds is not the only problem the administration has in paying 2019 refunds. The governor also has not provided the Department of Revenue and Taxation the resources to quickly process all 2019 tax returns that have so far been filed.

This issue bleeds into the discrepancies leading to some residents getting two stimulus checks. Federal guidelines on the issuance of the EIP provide that states and territories use the 2019 tax rolls to pay out the EIP. If a resident isn't on the 2019 tax rolls, then the government can fall back on 2018 filings to pay the EIP.

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