Moylan to governor: Have your agency pay for your security, not GPD

By Nancy I. Maanao

Senators have bookmarked Sen. Jim Moylan's amendment to get rid of deputy directors, and now are debating his amendment to prohibit the funding of the governor's security detail from the Guam Police Department's budget.

"This will allow GPD to utilize 100 percent of their budget on the resources, equipment, and supplies to protect the 160,000 residents of this island," Mr. Moylan said.

The amendment does not outlaw the governor's personal security detail, but will require her to pay those officers from her budget.

"I have absolutely no issue with the guarding of our governor and lieutenant governor," Mr. Moylan said. "We have a rising drug problem and people stealing from people's homes. We need to give GPD the resources they need to battle this crime problem."

UPDATE: The amendment failed. Only Sens. Moylan and Telo Taitague voted for it.

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