Moylan Says He Will Investigate Joanne Brown’s Hiring Practices at the Port

By Jacob Nakamura

[email protected]

Senator Jim Moylan says he will investigate the hiring practices of Senator Joanne Brown when she was the general manager at the Port Authority of Guam.

Senator Jim Moylan

During an interview today with Kandit News we asked Senator Moylan if he felt an investigation should be made into the hiring of convicted federal drug dealer Andrew Castro at the Port Authority of Guam.

“An investigation needs to be done. It should be done,” Moylan said.

Moylan said he plans to bring up this hiring during next week’s continued oversight hearing into the Port. Ironically, the hearing is a result of the rantings of Senator Joanne Brown who has been criticizing current manager Rory Respicio for hiring Frankie Rosalin who was convicted of official misconduct as a misdemeanor.