Kandit requests receipts & disbursement records on legislative spending

By Jacob Nakamura

[email protected]

(Tumon, Guam) Kandit News Group has sent three Open Government Act requests for public documents to the members of the Commonwealth Legislature, its legislative bureau, and the Department of Finance. The public documents we seek are all the records of money paid to the senators and representatives of the Commonwealth Legislature for allowances their rules allow them to take. We also requested the receipts the senators and representatives are required to keep of the expenditures they made from the allowances.

Kandit wants to find out which senators and representatives have availed of this $2,500 to $5,000 monthly spending allowance, which is supposed to be spent within the bounds of public purposes and not for any personal or political ventures.

Each legislator's monthly receipts should match the monthly disbursement made to each of them. The receipts may reveal whether spending was done with a public purpose versus personal or political expenditures.

The officials have up to 10 days to disclose the public documents. Representatives John Paul Sablan, Ed Propst, and Tina Sablan have all disclosed that they do not avail of the monthly allowance.

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