Good Vibes on dark days

By Eric Rosario

[email protected]

Thank goodness for balance in the Universe and good people, whose works remind us that not all is despair in the ugliness of an election season.

A diverse group of young men and women, who met at a barbecue last month, started getting together on Saturdays to clean beaches.

"We're a very diverse group of friends whom actually just met about a month ago through a barbecue," said Gerand Biou of the group, which named itself #GVMD, or Good Vibes Making a Difference. "We have guys and girls from all parts of Micronesia: Guam, Chuuk, Samoa, Pohnpei, Palau, Kosrae, Philippines."

#GVMD this past Saturday cleaned up Tagachang Beach in Yona. They, indeed, made a difference. Elsewhere, internet trolls spread hatred from the clicks of their keyboards in a political war growing nastier by the day.

"We just want to make a positive difference for our youth and our fellow islanders by cleaning as we go, participate in volunteer work when we're available, and to spread good vibes and make a difference in our island of Guam; at the same time thrive to be better versions of ourselves and most importantly support one another as a group of friends." - Biou

Below are pictures from the Saturday cleanup. (Pictured on the beach shore: Craig Bascon , Gerand Biou , Melo James, Arthur Nedlic, Noah Supple, Tina Bascon, Dina Bascon, Darren Johnson, Hilary Ilek, Kai Marie Perez, Vince Su'e , Norden Haruo, Hannah Sablan, Shantae Manibusan)

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