Federal convict Andrew Castro arrested AGAIN

By Jacob Nakamura

[email protected]

Andrew Castro, 40 of Mangilao, was arrested again.

Castro, who was hired by Joanne Brown at the seaport only months after his release from federal prison on multiple drug charges, last made waves in January 2020, when he was arrested for terrorizing his neighbor, Gene Estrellado.

Guam Police officers who initially responded to Mr. Estrellado's call for help ignored video surveillance evidence showing Mr. Castro trying to break down Estrellado's front door. The video footage also shows Castro assaulting his girlfriend, Rosita Adamos. GPD finally sought after and arrested Castro, but only after caving to public pressure. He was not arrested or charged for assaulting Ms. Adamos at the time.

Early Sunday morning, police responded to a 911 call for help from Ms. Adamos, who claimed Mr. Castro assaulted her again. Ms. Adamos told police she had broken up with Castro three days prior and that he had physically abused her throughout her three-year relation