Carrera backpacked off a conference and used illegal leave hours... AGAIN

Janela Carrera's post regarding her mid-September vacation in Las Vegas

By Troy Torres

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(Tumon, Guam) Janela Carrera, the governor's director of communications, didn't just take a paid vacation without deducting leave hours once.

In September, she took personal leave to Los Angeles using 40 hours of compensatory time that was approved by Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero's chief of staff, Anthony Babauta.

Two leave applications sent to Kandit reveal that Ms. Carrera was not at work at Adelup from September 11 through September 20, 2019.

The first approved application indicates Ms. Carrera was in Phoenix, Arizona attending a training conference between September 11 and September 13. Her address while on leave for those dates is the Kinsington Hotel in Phoenix. There is no indication on the application as to what training conference this is, however, her paid leave hours are marked as "Training - off island."

September 13 was a Friday. The following Monday, September 16, was the start of personal leave Ms. Carrera took to Los Angeles, according to the second leave application approved by Mr. Babauta. From Monday through Friday, September 20, she took 40 hours of compensatory time off rather than using any of her accrued annual leave.

Ms. Carrera's leave application said her address while off island would be Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA. However on September 15, she posted on her Instagram page pictures outside an In-N-Out restaurant in Las Vegas and said she is "driving around and strolling" looking for something to do.

According to Executive Order 95-11, which governs the use of compensatory time, Ms. Carrera is not eligible for comp time because of the status of her position as a political appointee.

(Pictures above of Carrera in Madrid, Spain, and Santorini, Greece between June and July, 2019)

Kandit reported Friday about the earliest of Ms. Carrera's leave applications, which showed she was paid for 72 hours of work while she was on vacation to Europe between late June to early July. She had accrued only 40 hours of annual leave time by the date of her application for leave, May 29, 2019. By the date of the application for her next personal trip to Los Angeles, August 27, Ms. Carrera had accrued 64 hours of annual leave - more than enough leave hours to apply to the Los Angeles trip.

According to her leave forms, Ms. Carrera hasn't used a single hour of her annual leave for either of these vacations.

Governor's Office employees are able to cash out up to 320 hours of unused annual leave hours by the end of a governor's term. Ms. Carrera, if she remains a Governor's Office employee through December 2022 and does not use any of her annual leave hours she accrues, will have banked 416 unused annual leave hours and be able to cash out those hours at the end of Ms. Leon Guerrero's term.

Ms. Carrera is receives a gross salary of $75,000 annually. This means she earns about $36.05 per hour.

Considering that Ms. Carrera does not receive any pay raise while in public office, the gross payment she will receive from taxpayers at the end of the Leon Guerrero term will be $11,538.46.

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